Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Yesterday evening I received a reply from Father Christopher Pearson, Superior-General of the CBS concerning the letter I sent to him recently and published on this blog. In his brief reply he refers me to a pdf of Questions & Answers on the CBS Website. To read this click here.


  1. Well, the answers you received were entirely predictable.

    Contrast the position at the Church Union where Father Edwin Barnes has just resigned as President.

    The CofE, is already in communion with the Evangelical Lutheran Churches through the Porvoo Communion (where of course, women bishops and priests are well-established by now) and once the CofE appoints women bishops the availability of fudges whereby Anglican ministers can continue to function as priests in the Anglo-Catholic sense of that word seems doomed because a parish priest has to be in communion with his diocesan.

    So the choice becomes rather stark does it not?

  2. Quite. The writing has been on the wall for a long time. The rump that is left will decline even more. With over 50 priests leaving and 6 at the most in training what is there left?

  3. Yes but if it ain't broke,why fix it? Our Anglo Catholic parish thrives: we love the Church of England - we are not extreme ritualists. We continue to take each day as it comes. In God we trust.

  4. The CBS debacle reveals another layer of meaning to the term 'Anglican Patrimony'. In addition to anglican liturgy, hymns and ethos etc welcomed by Rome, we must now include lots of those lovely wallet-sized portraits of the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.