Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Havering Deanery Synod met yesterday at St. Andrew’s Church, Romford and I decided to attend, as a spectator, as it was the debate on “Women in the Episcopate. “ Ann was elected to Deanery Synod at this year’s Annual Parochial Meeting of St. Augustine’s. (Of course retired Clergy have no place in Deanery, Diocesan or General Synod and are not allowed to vote on those who are elected to them.)

The speaker in favour of the motion was the Venerable Martin Webster, Archdeacon of Harlow and speaking against was the Revd. Corrine Brixton. After both speakers had made their points, contributions were made from Deanery Synod members and I was surprised at how many spoke against the motion. The Venerable Martin Webster summed up his arguments followed by The Revd. Corrine Brixton who pointed out that provision for those who cannot accept the Consecration of Women must have the approval of those for whom the provision is being made and that the provision must be universal and identical in all areas of the Church of England.

When the vote was taken on the motion: “That this Synod approves the proposals embodied in the draft Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure and in draft Amending Canon NO 30” it was overwhelmingly DEFEATED.

Perhaps it will be defeated when it reaches Diocesan Synod!!!!

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