Tuesday, 14 December 2010



Parish Priest for the LEP of Great Misgivings

The duties involve the co-ordination of Worship in the Parish Worship Centre which is used by the Anglicans, Hindu’s, Buddhists, Muslims and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) every Sunday. Inclusive “All Faith” Services are held every month. During the week various organisations use the building including the Druids, Muslims for Friday Prayers, the local White Witches coven, the Mother Earth Society and the Great Misgivings Rosicrucian’s Lodge.

The person appointed will be licensed by the Hindu Society of Great Britain to take Hindu Services after a suitable period of training. She/he will become part of the Ministry Team comprising of ministers from each of the faiths which use the church. The Parish Profile, available on line at www. greatmisgivings .co.uk /profile, states: “We are working together so that we can become one united body, a big happy family, respecting our differences and emphasising our similarities. Our Parish Motto is Compromise, Compromise and Compromise even further.”

We offer a salary of £75,000 plus fees. There is a modern House with four bedrooms.

Applications should be sent to The Diocesan Office for the attention of the Human Resources Department.

The Inclusive Parish of Much Grumbling, Maidstone

Musical Director

We are urgently seeking a replacement for our Musical Director who has just been appointed to a similar position at Canterbury Worship Centre (Canterbury Cathedral) The person appointed will be conversant with guitars, drums, tambourine and electronic keyboards. She/he will be able to train people to play the aforementioned instruments and be a competent guitarist and singer themselves, having the ability to lead the musical worship of the Parish. Also competence in preparing Worship Songs for us with the overhead projectors is required. Duties include weekly rehearsals and Sunday mornings and evenings services (No organ playing needed as we no longer have one) Experience with Liturgical Dance would be an advantage as we have a small Dance Team which is involved at every service.

Salary £10,000 plus fees


  1. Why do you associate guitars and drums with wet (methodist) Anglicanism? They are favoured by Charistmatic (and some evangelical) congregations; otherwise, your average wet liberal parish tends to be glued to 'Common Praise' and organ. Rector

  2. 'Liturgical Dance' - those are two words which should never be used in conjunction.
    I'm only surprised, Father, that you dated this 2040!